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Different quotations from New Mexico space pioneers appear on this page monthly. This is the July 2017 installment.
For more information about New Mexico's contributions to space exploration, visit the New Mexico Museum of Space History.
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The following excerpts from "Geology on the Moon" describe training activities for the Apollo 15 astronauts:

   "Basic geology was still central, but the exercises became more and more like dress rehearsals for the real thing. Traverses--or the routes over which the crews would pass--were crefully thought out in advance. The crews worked from assigned maps like those carried on the actual mission, and there were assigned stations along the traverse, each station with its required tasks, each to be reached by a time specified in advance. Two science backrooms (one apiece for the prime and backup crews) were added to provide radio communications to and from the astronauts during the exercise. This wrinkle not only provided a higher degree of realism, but it also enabled crews and flight directors to apply considerable polish toward a more smoothly functioning communications system at mission time....
   To simulate conditions that the Apollo 15 crew would confront at Hadley Rille, exercises were run at the rugged Rio Grande Gorge [west of Taos, New Mexico]. Camera equipment was identical to that selected for the flight. Maps were simulated in the same format to be used on the lunar surface. The USGS staff prepared stations and technical problems that were facsimiles of those anticipated along the actual traverse. Exercises themselves took place at the precise time of day that duplicated light angles on the Moon."

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Robert Goddard towing one of his rockets to the launch site near Roswell about 1931, courtesy of NASA.

WhiteKnightTwo carrying SpaceShipTwo at Spaceport America runway dedication flyover, photo by Loretta Hall.

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