Voices from
New Mexico's
Space History

Different quotations from New Mexico space pioneers appear on this page monthly. This is the June 2017 installment.
For more information about New Mexico's contributions to space exploration, visit the New Mexico Museum of Space History.
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This excerpt is from Loretta Hall's new children's book, Miguel & Michelle Visit Spaceport America, for ages 6-10:

        "You said rockets can take off here," Miguel said to the tour guide. "But I thought rockets blasted off straight up, not taking off on a runway."
        "That's right. The spaceport has a vertical takeoff area too. It's about five miles southeast of here."
        "What kinds of things do the rockets take to space?" Michelle asked.
        "Usually two kinds of things," the tour guide answered. "Some are parts for satellites or other spaceships that the government or a company wants to test before they actually use them. Others are experiments designed and built by students so they can learn about the atmosphere or cosmic radiation and also learn about flying experiments on rockets."
        "Could I send my Batman action figure for a ride?" Miguel asked.
        The tour guide chuckled. "Maybe, but you would have to pay for it."

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Photo Credits
Robert Goddard towing one of his rockets to the launch site near Roswell about 1931, courtesy of NASA.

WhiteKnightTwo carrying SpaceShipTwo at Spaceport America runway dedication flyover, photo by Loretta Hall.

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